High Ratio Shortening

High Ratio Shortening

What is it?
It is one hundred percent fat with added emulsifiers, white in color and does not contain any added salt or water. The difference between high ratio shortening and regular shortening is that it contains microemulsifiers that allows your mixture to hold more sugar and liquid. It also gives a finer and smoother texture to cakes and help keep them moist, as well as keeps icings more stable with a less greasy mouth feel.

What is it used for? 
Baking recipes that contain a large percentage of sugar like buttercream icing.

Where can I buy it?
You can search online, or perhaps your local bakery store will sell you some. Three brands are CK products, Sweetex and Alpine  Hi-Ratio shortening.

How do I store it?
Though not as perishable as butter or dairy, shortening will and can go rancid. For short periods of time you may store it in an airtight container out in the open. However, I recommend refrigerating or even freezing the shortening in an airtight container and thawing out as you may need.

Happy Cake Decorating! 


Maysem Hammad said...

I just started using hi-ratio shortening and absolutely love it! I was wondering about storage once the buttercream is made. I don't use dairy in my buttercream, which I know is not necessary to refrigerate then. But for how long can non-dairy buttercream sit out and for how long is it good?

mary said...

hi there, like your website. can you tell me the UK equivalent of high ratio shortening? I have no idea what I can use instead of it. many thanks. Mary (Margate, Kent, UK)

Robb1 said...

Just been looking on E-Bay and came up with this address for cisco shortening worth a letter me thinks.
Rob Brown.

American Food Store
2 Ladbroke Grove
W11 3BG
Any queries email:tahira@usafoodstore.co.uk

Emmeline said...

all products containing "Partially Hydrogenated" oil are actually TRANSFAT products. Maybe handy, but really bad for your health. Sorry. Check it out.

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