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How Bad Is Driving In Georgia?

Georgia is one of the states that appear to be less populated. At least, this is what most outsiders imagine when they hear the name of this state. They picture infinite cotton fields and green pastures, forgetting that Atlanta is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the US. As a matter of fact, traffic [...]

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Great Natural Attractions In Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state and one that is going to have a variety of climates for you to enjoy. However, what you will quickly find out is it can be very difficult to figure out what you can do at times that is going to involve the natural attractions. By knowing about some of [...]

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Georgia And Secret Societies

Those that don't know may think of Georgia as just another hospitable Southern State. It certainly does have a lot of Southern Charm. But in the area are secret societies, some of which are thought to promote healthy ideals and others that promote hate. From the Masons to the KKK the state has its share [...]

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