Georgia And Secret Societies

Those that don’t know may think of Georgia as just another hospitable Southern State. It certainly does have a lot of Southern Charm. But in the area are secret societies, some of which are thought to promote healthy ideals and others that promote hate. From the Masons to the KKK the state has its share of secret societies.

Gridiron Secret Society

At the University of Georgia is a secret society knowing as Gridiron. It is thought to have formed in the very early 1900s and while it maintains its secrecy, many believe it to be connected with the Skull and Bones at Yale University. As Georgia in general, and particular the University of Georgia is very much into football and the Georgia Bulldogs, the name Gridiron is believed to come from that love of football.

There are a number of fairly well-known people with known connections to this secret society and they include Zell Miller, Carl Sanders, Dubose Porter and even the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

Sea Island

Not long ago there was a meeting of a large amount of the super rich just off the coast of Georgia at a place called Sea Island. Billionaires, top CEOs of large tech companies, and even some of the Republican establishment all came together for this private meeting on Sea Island. This is not the first time that such a meeting has taken place on this island off the coast of Georgia.

Some speculate that the super rich meet in this area as often as once a year and discuss matters of world power, money, and other such topics. One of the reasons that make Sea Island enticing for such meetings is its isolation. The island has 3 golf courses, a top rated Spa, and a fitness center large enough to fill a Lowe’s Home Center. It’s a considerable distance to any commercial airports, and it’s surrounded by marshes that are difficult to travel. This all lends itself to being private and secluded.

The Masons are also known to have a strong hold throughout the state. Anyone who is from the state is likely to have family members that have joined the Masons or know others who have. Some can argue that many of these secret societies do a lot of good.

Groups like the KKK are a sore reminder of Georgia’s past. At the same time, the state was one of the leading states that took early, positive steps toward Equal Rights in this country. Some of these secret societies are believed to have moved Georgia forward toward equal rights.